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Check out this compelling video. Awesome project. 


Project Unbreakable: The Video

I am so anxious to share this video with you all. Many, many thanks to the incomparable Nino Gallego for producing, filming, and editing it, and many, many thanks to my dear friend Allie Moss for allowing us to use her song “Dig With Me” in it. You can buy it off iTunes here.

I am a nineteen year old college student with a dream of changing the world. I have so many things I want to do for this project: travel to different areas, hire a professional to answer advice, and overall expand it as far as I can. But I don’t have the money myself to do so, so I am turning to the general public for help. I have created a fundraiser on something called IndieGoGo so I can find a way to be able to help as many survivors of sexual abuse as possible.

If you can donate to it, I am forever grateful. If you cannot but are still willing to share this, I am also forever grateful. We have the ability to make a huge difference.

The fundraiser can be found here:



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I am excited for this.

Sum one is being angry (Taken with instagram)
New Oh Fluck! Apparel. Check it.
New Oh Fluck! Apparel. Check it.

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